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The Selection Method

With an environment-first approach, The Green Saman Shop takes a genuine interest in understanding materials and methods of creating products and services that can co-exist with our ever-evolving world, with doing least damage to the earth. We thereby measure the impact of production, use and disposal of each product that is curated by us.

The Green Saman Shop has a proprietary framework called PEP Certify which is the basis of the product selection and curation process. Our curators use the framework to identify the right products for a conscious customer, ask the right questions to creators, and evaluate a product in a holistic manner.

Through our consciously curated list of highly-vetted makers and their products, we aim to build a community which then promotes a waste-free and plastic-free lifestyle to their peers and social circles. Our goal is to create a positive impact on the environment and encourage others to join us in leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Inspired by Circular Design & Life Cycle Assessment principles, the framework primarily focusses on 5 aspects: Source, Method, Packaging, Life & Beyond, and Aesthetic. A few example questions are listed below for your understanding:

SOURCE – What is it made of? Where do the ingredients come from? 



Chemical Free

Plastic Free

Toxin Free

Vegan or Plant Based

Organically grown


Locally made

Mineral Based

METHOD – How is it made? Who makes it? Is it waste-free?




Water Conserving

Low Carbon


Ethically Made

Energy Conserving

Renewable Energy used

PACKAGING – Is it plastic-free? Is it recyclable? Is it compostable?

  • 100% Plastic-Free packaging in an upcycled or 100% post-consumer box
  • Recycled paper wrapping and stuffing
  • Shipping boxes sealed with a paper tape with starch-based adhesive

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