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Welcome To The Green Saman Shop

he Green Saman Shop is a subsidiary of Planet Earth project (PEP) aims to create sustainable ecosystem through end to end solutions such as The Kabad Shop (TKS) market place for waste, The Green Saman Shop (TGSS) market place for sustainable eco friendly consumer products, PEP Talkfor creating environmental awareness especially among youth. 

Who We Are

At The Green Saman Shop, we're a passionate team of earth advocates committed to promoting sustainable living. Our goal is to inspire mindful consumption and conscious decision-making among our customers.

We meticulously curate and craft elegant everyday products that are sustainable, thoughtful, and environmentally friendly. We never take shortcuts and obsess over every step of our products' journey – from sourcing to production, all the way to their arrival at your doorstep.

What We Do

At our online shop, we are dedicated to helping eco-conscious consumers make informed choices and shop with a conscience. Our team thoughtfully selects range of everyday products that are kind to the earth, all with goal of leaving our planet better than we found it.

We understand the importance of guilt-free shopping and minimizing harm to the environment, which is why we have curated a handpicked list of sustainable products just for you. You can now easily purchase all these products from one place, making it convenient for you to shop sustainably.

Why Work With Us

Our products are carefully curated from passionate individuals, groups, and brands who share our mission of making a positive impact on the environment. They prioritize sustainability by maintaining a low carbon footprint, promoting resource efficiency, fostering social inclusivity, and ensuring transparency. 

Furthermore, they prioritize fair trade practices and ethical wages for their workforce, all while striving to create planet-positive products. We take great pride in partnering with these inspiring individuals and organizations who constantly inspire us.

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